How to Solve Windows Error Failed Fixes

At the same time, Windows 10 is by no means an ideal system; problems arise with it from time to time. This is indirectly evidenced by regularly released system updates and fixes. But more often than not, the user has to manually fix problems with Windows, without waiting for patches. Moreover, there are several useful free programs for this, which we will consider in this review.

Make sure your computer has the latest Windows updates

Before you start installing any, even the most effective, programs for solving problems with Windows 10, make sure that you have done something important: install the available Windows updates. Sometimes, however, it happens that updates and become the cause of unexpected problems. But more often than not, they just save the system from many annoying errors.

If you see that the system is awaiting its update, then save the work, save the necessary bookmarks in the browser and click “Restart now” or “Download and install”.

It is worth remembering that viruses are another common source of problems with Windows. You need to take care of your security and install an antivirus program to combat malware.

IOBit Driver Booster

Windows 10 regularly tries to update drivers, but this procedure fails perfectly. Sometimes, some important driver updates are missed. Therefore, when there is a problem with the hardware, it is always worth checking the relevance of the drivers installed in the system.

One of the best ways to check the status of Windows drivers is to use a free driver updater. IOBit Driver Booster is an effective driver update tool for Windows 10. The developers claim that this product can fix and update over 1 million drivers.

Download and install Driver Booster, deselecting any additional software that is offered to you during installation.

You can select the Update Now function using the big red button, or scroll down the list and update individual drivers as you see fit. You can also ignore certain drivers, roll them back, or uninstall them entirely. Driver Booster automatically downloads and applies drivers to your system, but you may need to reboot your system to complete the installation process.

Driver Booster creates a system restore point before updating drivers, and also includes options to automatically shut down or reboot after completing the driver installation process – this is convenient so that the tool can work autonomously and keep the system in a healthy state.


CCleaner is a utility that provides users with a powerful and easy-to-use tool for cleaning and optimizing 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems. Numerous users note the fact that frequent program updates make the utility not only faster in terms of speed, but also more powerful with each release. The app is available in free and paid (Pro, € 19.95) versions. The features of the free version will be enough for an ordinary user.


DriverPack is a powerful free application from Russian developer ArturKuzyakov, which consists of carefully selected and tested drivers for all popular Windows versions. Microsoft tries to keep Windows 10 up to date, but sometimes some components are left unattended and outdated drivers can often cause strange problems.

DriverPack analyzes the user’s computer and installs the necessary drivers on the computer, which allows to solve two problems: firstly, to speed up the process of setting up the computer (which is especially important if there are several dozen computers in the system), and secondly, to improve the quality of its work.

FixWin 10

FixWin 10 isn’t just one of the best Windows 10 recovery tools, it doesn’t need to be installed either! You can use FixWin 10 to fix a lot of operating system error problems.The program menu is divided into six neat sections, each of which fixes problems with a specific component (Explorer, system tools, etc.). Each section contains at least ten fixes. Some fixes may require a reboot, but you will be informed about this when you click the Fix button.

The fixes concern both common problems, such as its icon that does not automatically update after emptying the trash can, and complex nuances, such as restoring access to the registry editor.

The Additional Fixes section contains non-standard but useful settings, such as restoring the Sticky Notes uninstall warning dialog box, and the Troubleshooters section will redirect you to the standard Windows 10 troubleshooter on your system. An integrated tool like this is sometimes the simplest and most powerful option. At the very least, it’s best to use it first, before you begin to understand the deep mechanisms of your system.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

This app has the same developer as the previous one. It is not hard to guess about this, since both programs have the same simple and intuitive interface, though only in English.Unlike FixWin 10, which is designed to fix Windows 10 problems, this program lets you quickly enable, disable, hide, or remove certain features from Windows.

In fact, every change suggested by this program can be made to the system using Windows Settings, Registry Editor, or Group Policy Editor. But Ultimate Windows Tweaker neatly puts all the useful options in their respective sections. Each of them concerns a certain group of problems, which are proposed to be solved quickly.

Click the Create Restore Point button in the lower left corner before starting the action, check the changes you want to make, then click Apply at the bottom of the application window. So, using the Additional section, you can return the Windows Photo Viewer from Windows 7 with just one click.

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