How to install Windows 10 for free

Windows may be necessary in many cases, the system is not eternal and an update is periodically required. Most often, an ordinary user cannot reinstall the software on his own by calling the wizard at home, but in fact, this can be done quite simply.

Windows 10 Download Preparation

First you need to download the installation file itself. You can download Windu from the official website of the company, so you will get an ISO file. But after that, you still need an activation key, which you need to buy additionally. There is also a free option: download Windows via torrent. We must say right away that you act at your own peril and risk, because unlicensed software may work incorrectly and contain viruses.

After the file is downloaded, you need to write it to some medium. It can be a disk, if there is no disk drive, then a flash drive will do, a hard disk – any external drive. Before recording, check the volume of the drive, you need at least 8 gigabytes. In addition, you need to clear the drive before recording. Since the file is in ISO format, a special utility is required to burn it. 

Windows 10 Iso Installation

After downloading and recording the image, everything is ready, you just need to install the software. If you have any files on your PC, then first transfer them to an external drive, otherwise they will all be lost. Or you can simply transfer them to the second drive, where there are no system files, if you have a second drive at all.

Installation is performed through the BIOS. Insert the drive into the PC and reboot it when it starts up – press DELETE or F2, at startup the screen should display exactly where to click to go. Here you need the BOOT tab, in which you need to select the drive with Windows as a priority, save the settings by pressing the F10 key.

Now restart the computer again, now a new window will appear in the download window, which offers to install the components. It can take a long time: half an hour, an hour. In the process of recording, some windows with settings will appear, select the parameters you need. If you have a licensed version of the program, you will need to enter the key. After completing the process, do not forget to install the drivers and the system will be ready to use.

It is worth Installing Windows 10

Windows 10 brings together the best of previous versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. She’s pretty pretty, comfortable and fast. But it was not without its drawbacks. The most significant of them are errors that arise in the operation of the system, programs, games and the operating system itself deletes applications that it considers unlicensed, even some free ones.

Nevertheless, if you have a fairly modern computer or laptop, then over time, you will most likely still have to upgrade to Windows 10, since older versions of operating systems are gradually losing support from both the developers of the system itself and the software developers.

Probably not … Since you will have more problems than the benefits of updating – selection of drivers, glitches in the system and programs, etc. And in performance, you are unlikely to win.

But for owners of licensed versions of Windows 7 and 8.1, it is important not to miss the moment and make a free upgrade to Windows 10, which is available until July 29, 2016. After this date, you will not be able to get the update for free.

If you love games and your video card supports DirectX 12, which is only available in Windows 10, then you will have to switch to it anyway, as this is intended to give an additional performance boost. Although games on DirectX 12 are unlikely to appear before mid-2016, or even closer to its end.

Yet, on the off chance that you have a cutting edge PC or PC with not extremely fruitful Windows 8.1 and you need to dive into the universe of a more present day working framework, why not? Make Windows reinforcement to an outside drive and forward to new advancements! If all else fails, you can undoubtedly and rapidly reestablish your past framework.

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