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This problem is sore and worries many users. However, you do not have to browse all these thousands of sites, because we have collected for you in one place the simplest and most working tips that will help you find the cause of the Error and solve it.


Browser errors regardless of which one, be it Chrome and similar types of Yandex and Chromium, or Opera, Mozilla, etc. their errors are basically identical:

Browser does not start.

It slows down the video when watching videos and movies.

It is not an option to attach a file in an email.

Opens pages for a long time or opens but not completely.

Doesn’t save bookmarks.

Not being able to change the start page or search page.

Annoying ad windows.

Download crashes.


There are reasons that combine all of the above errors, and there are also individual reasons for some of them.

Accumulated trash. This is the main reason for slowing down the Browser. During operation, the browser saves on the hard disk a huge number of temporary and various auxiliary files, which gradually, slowly but surely accumulate and begin to slow down its work. Therefore, you need to regularly clear the cache, delete data for offline work and surf history. This is not at all difficult to do.

A lot of unnecessary PLUGINS. By default, the browser comes with preinstalled plugins, for example, for displaying multimedia content: Flash, Java, Silverlight and Windows Media. In the process of using the Browser, the number of plugins may increase, but this does not mean at all that you need them.

A large number of extensions. Extensions are micro programs from third-party developers that are designed to increase the functionality and usability of the browser or change its appearance. But a large number of them can negatively affect the speed of the Browser.

Third party programs and links. When you install the programs necessary for you on your computer, all kinds of micro programs can be installed along with them that change the links of the search and start pages of the Browser, as well as add advertising windows.



Accumulated trash. No matter how cool your Browser is in your opinion, it still gets cluttered during use. Therefore, this Junk needs to be removed. This can be done using  CCleaner by following the link Here you can watch a Video on how to do it. You can download the CCleaner 5.08.5308 rus program here.

You can also clear the Browser from Junk on the browser itself, just clear the history. How to do this using the example of Google Chrome: Click on the three stripes in the upper right corner.   

Go to History and Recent Tabs and click on History. Next, click on Clear History. In the next window, put the tab for all time. If there are check marks on Passwords and Authorization Data, uncheck it and click Clear History

A lot of unnecessary PLUGINS. Plugins, as already written in the section REASONS OF ERRORS, are a necessary component of almost any Browser. But their overabundance can also affect the performance or the occurrence of errors in the Viewing Video, if, for example, there are two Flash Player Plugins. To view the list of Plugins and disable unnecessary ones do the following:

Google Chrome: Enter chrome: // plugins / in the address bar and press Enter, then turn   off unnecessary plugins. If there is a number two in front of the Plan, then there are two such Plug-

Opera: Open the browser settings menu, select the Extensions tab – Manage extensions. MazilLa: Go to the browser menu (orange BUTTON labeled Firefox) and select the Add-ons item. Internet Explorer:  Go to the browser settings section, select the Configure add-ons menu. 

Third party programs and links. Company Google has taken care of its users’ browsers Google Chrome and launched a special program to remove all third-party add-ons that might slow down your browser. You can download it here. For other browsers, I have not seen this, but it does not matter with this procedure, the Dr.WebCureIt curing utility which you can download here does a good job. Run it and click Check.

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