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One of the most stable and reliable email servicesKey features: Integrated cloud storage of 15 GB files (but Gmail shares it with Google Photo, Google Drive and other services that are part of a Google account) One of the best algorithms for detecting and filtering spam Stable and reliable round-the-clock work, practically without interruptions Simple but cleverly designed interface, convenient search for letters, message fragments All messages are automatically divided into categories such as “Basic”, “Advertising”, “Forums”, etc. Sophisticated protection of the privacy of personal information POP and IMAP standards give Gmail access to any email program and device. Gmail places contextual ads next to emails you read.

Yandex mail

Convenient and reliable mail. Key features: The service is equipped with an integrated anti-virus service from Dr.Web. Knows how to translate letters from foreign languages ​​into Russian.Main features: unlimited volume of the box; panel for managing other mailboxes; access from any devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops); built-in organizer; a set of tools for processing letters (design, editing, checking). Yandex.Mail can function as a full-fledged IMAP client.

Main features:good speed of work: the service executes user commands in a split second;convenient interaction with the remote storage of files “Cloud”: the capacity of a personal disk can be up to 100 GB;convenient marking of incoming messages;the presence of a multi-profile mode of operation (the possibility of simultaneous work with several boxes);support for sending “heavy” files;processing of uploaded images (resizing, viewing);grouping messages into threads. Microsoft mail service

Provides many options, especially for working in Microsoft Office. A good option for an office worker. This is a simple service, but in terms of functionality it is not inferior to Gmail. Key features: Free 15 GB storage is provided (but it is common for Office and OneCloud and other Microsoft services) Synchronization with other storages is provided. All important messages are automatically highlighted and collected in one folder. Event invitations and messages can sync with the calendar. There is built-in support for Skype, as well as access to Evernote, PayPal, GIPHY, Yelp, Uber, and more. can also offer your assistance in composing a letter.

Yahoo! Mail The mail service of Yahoo!

The service interface resembles Gmail, but the functionality is more modest. But there are actual additions. Key features: There is a convenient filter for messages. Synchronization with Facebook is provided.Import contacts from other services such as Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, etc.Paid 1TB storage available. Support for other email accounts that support the IMAP or POP standards. Integration with cloud storage Dropbox.In its functionality, Yahoo is inferior to Gmail and Outlook. At the same time, use the Yahoo! very convenient: free-form labeling and smart folders, the spam filter works efficiently

iCloud Mail Apple postal service

iCloud Mail is a free email from Apple with ample storage space, IMAP access and an interesting functional web application.With iCloud Mail, not only can you access your emails from any of your Apple devices, but you can also manage your calendars and contacts and sync information. If you receive an email, it will be immediately available on all your devicesHowever, the iС interface does not offer shortcuts or other functions for productive work or organizing emails, and this service does not support access to other e-service accounts. There is also no access to POP in

Zoho mail Business oriented postal service

Zoho Mail offers an online office suite, document management and many collaboration tools and other add-ons that will be useful for corporate use. Key features: simultaneously supports up to 25 users in one domain each of them has their own mailbox with 5 GB storage offers online office suitesZoho Mail is designed for professional users to assist them in distributing emails by identifying key messages and contacts and sending out frequently used response templates. Mail service of Rambler Company

Simple and intuitive service for working with mail. However, the service cannot seriously compete with Gmail, Yandex Mail and It is less functional, the security issue remains open, and the settings for serious work with a large volume of correspondence are clearly not enough. The volume for storing letters is relatively small – the mailbox is intended for individual use and Rambler mail cannot offer anything to corporate clients. The main advantages are quick registration and ease of management
– quick viewing of images: scrolling through a photo in one motion
– the ability to collect mail from other services (, Yandex.Mail, Gmail,, and Outlook)

Login to Rambler mail can be done through profiles in social networks VKontakte, Facebook, LiveJournal. Service developed by the Gmail team

An inbox is “a completely different type of inbox designed to focus on what really matters.” (a phrase from the official Gmail blog).The web service, as well as the Android and iOS mobile apps Inbox, aim to improve email productivity and organization with several key features. Bundles (bundles) bring emails of the same subject together, highlight key details from messages, and reminders help users control when certain information appears. Inbox helps you keep everything under control and focus on what’s important.For the convenience of users, similar messages are grouped into categories, and the most important messages are displayed immediately. You can snooze any email and create a reminder for every task. In the cloud storage, you don’t need to delete emails to save space.

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