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Windows 12 ISO Download and Install 64 bit Free Direct link: We are living in a world where everything is going so fast and we cannot wait for anything. Sticking with a laptop all day long has become a necessity since this is the only way to stay connected with the rest of the world and keep having updates. When it comes to a computer or laptop, the significance of windows 12 iso cannot be ignored at all. Windows 12 is such type getting popular all across the world. Here, we are going to emphasize this in a discreet manner. Here you can download windows 12 iso 64-bit for your pc and laptop. download windows 12 iso is free for everyone, you can just download or upgrade your previous windows 10 to the new windows 12.

windows 12 iso

Windows 12 Download ISO Pro home

Microsoft allows users to download windows 12 for its user. You might also be confused regarding rumors, release dates, and concepts. We all know that Microsoft is a very large brand in the IT sector and this is going to be very large in the coming days. The window is the product of Microsoft and it is working so well at the forefront. We all know that Microsoft is the most used operating system in the world. Window 10 is the latest operation from Microsoft. But these days we are getting to know about Windows 12 downloads. Are you still confused that Windows 12 will is good or not? Get windows 12 download and check out its feature and then decide.

Windows 12 ISO Download 32 bit

Windows 12 iso file download is not difficult anymore. You can just go to google and type “windows 12 iso download” and you will get the windows 12 downloading file on your pc or laptop. Microsoft has not revealed its all secrets yet and people are waiting for what is on the way. But these days Microsoft is quite busy imparting new updates for Windows 10. Just go and download windows 12 iso for a laptop or windows 12 download for pc. We all know that the previous launch of Windows 10 has already received a lot of success and buzz. According to the sources, Microsoft is trying its best to come up with a great concept to fetch more and more attention. Downloading Windows 12 new update to upgrade your pc is now availed for everyone from Microsoft’s official website. They have developed a great strategy to impart the best to the clients. As of now, they have provided great and useful features in order to upgrade Windows. And therefore, if you have been thinking about the best features, and release date then you have landed on the right platform.

Windows 12 ISO download 64 bit

Download the new version of Windows 12 officially and for free, using the Windows Insider program. In this way, in exchange for helping the development of Windows 12 ISO 64 bit by detecting bugs, you can get it for free in its beta versions, and you just have to join the Windows Insider program. For windows 12 iso, you should know that at the moment it is only accessible in the Developer Channel, which means that they are the alpha versions instead of the beta ones, those that are more unstable and have more errors. Within a week, the Windows 12 iso beta Channel versions with fewer bugs will likely start to arrive. The only thing you will need to be able to download windows 12 iso 64-bit 32-bit versions is to have a computer compatible with Windows 12, a Microsoft account, and an Internet connection.

windows 12 iso download

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Windows 12 Installation Process for Pc and Laptop

  • To install windows 12 64-bit on your pc, The first thing you have to do is enter the Windows 10 configuration. Once you are inside it, click on the Update and security section, which is where the operating system updates are managed.
  • Once you are in the Update and security section, you have to look in the left column and enter the Windows Insider Program section. Within this section, things related to the Windows 10 beta version test program will be managed. Now you are stepping toward the download new windows 12 iso.
  • Two things can happen within the Windows Insider Program section. If you meet the requirements to upgrade to Windows 12 64 bit you will not be told anything, but if you do not meet the requirements, you will see a message saying that you will not be able to have the beta versions of Windows 12 64 bit. If you do not reference Windows 12 appears, everything is fine, and you have to click on the Start button to join the Windows Insider program.
  • In the first step, you will be asked to link an account to the program, this is important for windows 12 downloads. Here, click on Link an account, and choose the Microsoft account that you are going to use on your computer. The normal thing is that you use the same one that you have in Windows 10 unless there is more than one linked account on your computer.
  • After choosing an account, you will enter the Choose your Insider settings menu, where you can choose which channel you want to join to download updates from it. Here, you have to select the Development Channel. This channel provides you with the alpha versions with the most errors and bugs of the Insider program, but at the same time, it is the one you need to download Windows 12 iso and start testing its preliminary versions.
  • After selecting the development channel and continuing, a window will appear informing you that Microsoft is going to collect information on how you use your computer. This is normal in the Insider program and you must accept it, since it is the grain of sand that you put in the program, and with your information, Microsoft will be able to detect the bugs of Windows 12 setup and correct them.
  • And now, a screen will appear telling you that you are going to have to restart your computer to apply the changes. This is necessary, because until you restart you will not finish joining the Windows Insider program, and you will not start downloading Windows 12 iso.
  • Once you have restarted your computer, go back to the * Windows Settings, go to Update and security, and go to the Windows Update section. Here, check for new operating system updates, and pre-versions of Windows 12 64-bit will begin to download. The windows 12 download file may take some time, as it is a large file of several gigabytes.
  • When the update to Windows 12 iso file finishes downloading, a notification will appear on the bottom right of your screen informing you about it. All you have to do is restart your computer when it suits you best since the update process can take more than half an hour.

Windows 12 pc requirements and compatibility

Windows 12 iso is now officially the next version of Microsoft’s operating system, and despite the fact that the presentation was quite loaded with interesting news for the future of Windows and a rather striking redesign, the other side of the coin is quite a mess for users that they do not know without being able to update their equipment. Microsoft published windows 12 minimum requirements on its official website, in which they talk about windows 12 install minimum hardware specifications, and they also launched a free tool to check if your equipment is compatible. However, it is possible that even after reading these requirements and using the tool, you still do not know if your equipment will be compatible.

Windows 12 ISO 64-bit Requirement

  • 64 GB of storage
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 1 GHz processor with two or more cores
  • Graphics card compatible with DirectX 12
  • UEFI and Secure Boot
  • TPM 2.0

it is very likely that you can update. But, it is also possible that the tool tells you no.

How to install Windows 12 ISO 64 bit?

To install the latest version of Windows, you must go to your Settings application, go to the Windows Insider Program section and sign up for the Beta Channel. You can then restart your computer and check Windows Update for updates to receive version 22000.120.

windows 12 download

You may receive a warning that your PC is not compatible with Windows 12 64-bit. Especially if it is a tower, it could be that you have TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot disabled. My partner Javier Gualix is here to show you how to activate both features. In any case, you might be interested in seeing our colleague’s article on Windows 12 iso requirements and running the tool that automatically checks if you meet the requirements.

Windows 12 ISO Problems & Difficulties

Windows 12 Problem 1: The first problem is the same tool. Microsoft released this tool on the day of the official presentation, it even appeared online before Windows 12 was finished announcing. But, the tool isn’t just free and easy to use, it’s a potato. On the one hand, there is the fact that it only tells you if your equipment is compatible or not, but it does not give you reasons or offer you solutions, nor does it tell you what exactly are the requirements that you do not meet. And on the other hand, we have that the tool came from the factory badly, it has been giving wrong information to many users. Microsoft plans to fix it soon, but in the meantime, it is not 100% reliable.

Windows 12 Problem 2: The second problem is the language about the requirements. the official website talks about minimum requirements and specifications, so one would understand that this is the least that you must have to be able to install Windows 12, however, these requirements are what is called “soft” or that they are on a “soft floor”

Windows 12 Problem 3: one of the minimum requirements according to this information is to have TPM 2.0, something that we have explained in depth what it is, how to know if it has it, and how to activate it from the BIOS. However, the Microsoft support website speaks of TPM 2.0 as a soft requirement and TPM 1.2 as a strict requirement. That is, Windows 12 can be used with a TPM version prior to 2.0, although it will not be recommended.

Windows 12 Problem 4: The fourth problem is that there are a lot of unsupported modern processors. this is perhaps the worst part of the story, according to the official list of supported processors, only CPUs from the 8th generation of Intel will be supported. This means that even the Kaby Lake from 2016-2017 like the i5 or i7 7400, 7600, etc. They are not compatible with Windows 12.

  • We are not talking about old hardware from a decade or two ago, we are talking about a generation of CPUs from very recently, which are among the most used, especially among gamers, and that it turns out are not compatible with the system that Microsoft has called the Windows to play. All amid a global chip shortage. Absurd.
  • The requirement of TPM as a requirement for the installation of Windows 12 is perhaps the least of the inconveniences. After all, if your CPU is 5 or 7 years old, it should have it, although it probably has it disabled.
  • If your CPU doesn’t have a TPM, maybe your motherboard does, and if neither has it, it is possible to buy a TPM module to add to the motherboard. Something that many have already taken advantage of this to do business by raising resale prices because it is the year 2021 and the shortage of electronic products is real.

Windows 12 new OS installation

Windows 12 download and install for pc and laptop. Windows 12 32-64bit is available in seven versions:

  1. Windows 12 Home
  2. Windows 12 Pro
  3. Windows 12 Education
  4. Windows 12 Enterprise
  5. Windows 12 Mobile
  6. Windows 12 Mobile Enterprise
  7. Windows 12 Workstation
Windows 12 Version Windows 12
Build Version
Windows 12 version 21H2 – 10.0.22000.120 (Insider version) 22000.120
Windows 12 version 21H2 – 10.0.22000.100 (Insider version) 22000.100
Windows 12 version 21H2 – 10.0.22000.71 (Insider version) 22000.71
Windows 12 version 21H2 – 10.0.22000.65 (Insider version) 22000.65
Windows 12 version 21H2 – 10.0.22000.51 (Insider version) 22000.51
Windows 12 version Dev – 10.0.21996.1 (Insider version) 21996.1

We are here to let you know what next Microsoft OS is going to come. And there would be many of you quite excited to know this. We are feeling great to share that Microsoft is planning a big surprise for the users and therefore you have to wait a bit. Microsoft is putting its best efforts into Windows 10 to update it. According to the sources, there is a chit-chat going on in respect of the preparation of Windows 12. And therefore it seems that Microsoft is going to put all its attention on windows 10 branding. And currently, they just want to move away from any questions associated with Windows 12.  They are trying their best to come up with the best solutions.

Windows 12 ISO Mac features:

  • Designed for macOS 12 Monterey and Windows 12: The app’s design language is updated to seamlessly integrate with both macOS Monterey and Windows 12 iso.
  • Speed ​​and performance improvements: System resume is now 38% faster, OpenGL graphics are 6x faster, and 2D graphics on Windows are 25% faster. On M1 Macs, Windows 10 ARM Insider Preview is 33% faster, disk performance is 20% better, and DirectX 11 performance improved by 28%. Finally, on Mac with Intel, the network connection is 60% faster.
  • Enhanced driver for a more comprehensive Windows gaming experience: The display driver offers a much smoother Windows interface responsiveness and synchronized video playback.
  • Specific enhancements for Mac with M1 chip: With Parallels Desktop 17, Windows 10 recognizes the status of Mac’s battery and saves power when the power on the Mac is low. The new virtual TPM chip enables Windows 10 and Windows 12 to use BitLocker and Secure Boot, for a higher level of data protection. Support for multi-channel sound and pin presence detection with native drivers available for Linux virtual machines. Using a Linux virtual machine in a window view mode is made easier with dynamic resolution support that allows you to resize the virtual machine window by causing Linux to update the screen to a new resolution automatically.
  • Coherence mode enhancement: All Windows shutdown, update, and login screens now occur in windows, allowing you to minimize them so you don’t see them.
  • Automatic Resource Manager enhancements: Designed to evaluate and determine the optimal amount of Mac hardware resources for virtual machines.
  • Improvements in dragging and dropping content between Windows and Mac: We can now drag text or images between Mac and Windows applications.
  • USB Device Support Enhancements: USB 3.1 support is here, allowing the use of additional USB storage devices. Now we can see the name of the device in the Parallels Desktop interface, which makes it easier to identify it when connecting or disconnecting it.
  • Improved disk space control: Now we can see how much space virtual machines are taking up.


Download the Windows 12 ISO file 64-bit Here:

you can download the latest version of windows 12 from Microsoft.

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Windows 12 Incredible Features:-

  • Screen: You might get done with earlier ones and therefore Windows 12 is going to surprise you in a great way. According to the people, the earlier ones did not have that way much great screen things.
  • Direct Login To The Desktop: Users want Windows 12 to come with the great option of disabling or enabling this unique feature. And this would be quite helpful for the users.
  • Charms Bar Turn On/Off With The User: This comes up with a bar option. The start screen in tabs helps in order to identify the latest views and active apps. Sometimes, it becomes quite tricky to remove this option as it keeps appearing on the screen all the time. And therefore, people are expecting to go with the thought that Windows 12 should come up with a controlling option so that it would become to manage to enable/disable this feature.
  • Users Control Ribbon In Windows Explorer – Though most users do not like this feature it is high in demand. According to a study, most people have also tweeted about it. And most probably that Windows 12 will come up without this feature.
  • Offer Quick Access To Power – Power options have been added to the start menu and people can easily access the alternative including sleep mode, shut down, restart, sleep mode, etc. And therefore people are demanding for adding this option in that. People also want to add user pictures to that.
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What about the Control Panel

One of the most anticipated functions in Windows 10 and now in Windows 12 is to see a settings application that brings together absolutely all the system settings. Yesterday we could see very in passing to Settings completely redesigned. However, we cannot know if the old Control Panel will still exist and be necessary. That it exists but is never opened would be a good toll to pay for the sake of compatibility, but the bad thing is that in Windows 10 there were many old panels such as Windows Sounds that depended directly on it.

Processors supported (for real) and the system will run on

The mess of the minimum hardware requirements with Windows 12 is tremendous, to the point that there are contradictory versions, Microsoft vice presidents who say that the application to check the availability gives wrong information, voices that speak that the list of compatible processors is only an indication for manufacturers (OEMs), etc. The reality is that days after the event we are waiting for a response that the company has promised to clarify the situation , without knowing if very powerful equipment such as those that equip an i7-7700K (or a 6700K, etc.) will be able to move the system officially and with medium. All this, in case it was not little with the requirement of TPM 2.0 / 1.2.

What File Explorer are we going to see in the final version

During the event, Microsoft only showed some parts of the system. And, among them, there was not one of the most important, the File Explorer. Later, the Redmond people posted on YouTube a video about the interface design in which you can see the Windows 12 File Explorer. It is observed that they do not have the classic Ribbon button arrangement, and it is very clean, more classic too. However, the tabs are missed, which by now should have

What about dark mode

Windows 10 has had dark mode since 2015, but, in line with the rest of the system, inconsistency has reigned in it . Microsoft seems to have refined Windows 12 dark mode a lot, but it hasn't shown us yet that all interfaces appear dark when we turn it on. And we are not only talking about differences between windows , but even between menus of the same window that is displayed in dark mode. We also do not know if the system will change mode from a specific time, as can be programmed in macOS.

How much does windows 12 iso license cost if you don't upgrade from Windows 10

In the Microsoft blog we could read that Windows 11 will be a free update for all Windows 10 users. But, what happens with the prices of the licenses if we want to install Windows 11 on a PC that we mount? At the moment we do not know anything more than that, and we will have to wait longer to find out, because it is something that Microsoft probably will not communicate until the official launch of the system.

What versions of Windows 12 are there

Probably, in the middle of 2021, one of the most irrelevant things about Windows should be its versions. We are not in those years when there were computers so little powerful that a Windows 7 Starter was needed for netbooks, nor are the uses between individuals who use the Home version and corporate users who use the windows 12 Pro version are so disparate. In the filtered version of Windows 12 we could see the same versions as there are of Windows 10, but since a lot has changed since that compilation that was practically Windows 10, we will not know until Microsoft officially announces the versions.

The role of Windows 12 in ARM

Windows 12 on ARM has probably been one of the great milestones of the system in its six-year history. However, since its inception, and mainly due to insufficient hardware, the reality is that this variant of the system has not finished exploding, and Apple, for example, has shown that with Rosetta 2 it is capable of making a more efficient emulation. in every way the x86 (and recently x64) emulation we've seen on the system for ARM. Microsoft must put all the meat on the grill in this system, because the future is for these low-consumption but increasingly powerful processors. Remember that there are developers who spent a year trying to upload native ARM64 applications to the Store.

Android applications: its installation and its operation

With the native execution of Android applications in Windows 12 we are before the great surprise of the new system. At the same level of surprise is the fact of having reached an agreement with Amazon to have the Android applications from the Amazon Appstore in the Windows Store. Miguel de Icaza, a Microsoft worker, has confirmed that there will be side loading, that is, that we will be able to install applications obtained outside the Store.