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Windows 11 ISO Download and Install 64 Bit Free PRO Activated: Windows 11 ISO Release Date: We are living in a world where everything is going so fast and we cannot wait for anything. Sticking with a laptop all day long has becomea necessity since this is the only way to stay connected with the rest of the world and keep having the updates. When it comes about a computer or laptop, the significance of windows cannot be ignored at all. Windows 11 is such type getting popular all across the world. Here, we are going to emphasize this in a discreet manner.

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You might also be confused regarding rumors, release date,and concept. We all know that Microsoft is the very large brand in the IT sector and this is going to very large in coming days. The window is the product of Microsoft and it is working so good at the forefront. We all know that Microsoft is the mostusable operating system in the world. Window 10 is the latest operating from Microsoft. But these days we are getting to know about Windows 11 rumors a lot. Are you still confused that window 11 will come or not?

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Microsoft has not revealed its all secrets yet and people are waiting what is on the way. But these days Microsoft is quite busy in imparting new updates for window 10. We all know that the previous launch of Windows 10 has already received a lot of success and buzz. According to the sources, Microsoft is trying its best to come up with a great concept to fetch more and more attention. They have developed a great strategy to impart the best to the clients. As of now, they have provided great and useful features in order to upgrade window. And therefore, if you have been thinking about the best features, release date then you have landed on the right platform.

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We are here to let you know that what next Microsoft OS is going to come. And there would be many of you quite excited to know this. We are feeling great to share that Microsoft is planning a big surprise for the users and therefore you have to wait a bit. Microsoft is putting the best efforts on Windows 10 to update it. According to the sources, that there is a chit-chat going on in respect of the preparation of Windows 11. And therefore it seems that Microsoft is going to put all its attention of windows 10 branding. And currently, they just want to move away from any question associate to Windows 11.  They are trying their best to come up with the best solutions.

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Windows 11 Release Date In 2019

Windows 11 was supposed to get released in 2018 since a lot of people are waiting for this. But it could not happen because of some reasons. Microsoft understands people’s intention right from the core of the heart. also possibilities to release windows 12 in 2020.

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Windows 11 Incredible Features:-

  • Screen: You might get done with earlier ones and therefore window 11 is going to surprise in a great way. According to the people, the earlier ones did not have that way much great screen things.
  • Direct Login To The Desktop: Users want Windows 11 to come with the great option of disabling or enable this unique feature. And this would be quite helpful for the users.
  • Charms Bar Turn On/Off With The User: This comes up with bar option. Start screen in tabs helps in order to identify the latest views and active apps. Sometimes, it becomes quite tricky to remove this option as it keeps appearing on the screen all the time. And therefore, people are expecting to go with the thought that Window 11 should come up with a controlling option so that it would become to manage to enable/disable this feature.
  • Users Control Ribbon In Windows Explorer – Though most users do not like this feature it is high in demand. According to study, most people have also tweeted about it. And most probably that window 11 will comes up without this feature.
  • Offer Quick Access To Power – Power options have been added to the start menu and people can easily access the alternative including sleep mode, shut down, restart, sleep mode etc. And therefore people are demanding for adding this option in that. People also want to add user picture in that.

What About The Controversy –

How controversy can be put in sideway when it comes about something big and most awaited like windows 11. The fact cannot be ignored that there is a lot of confusion in this regard. Cyberspace is keeping a close eye over all these things. Some experts are going with the opinion that Windows 10 will be the last of the window’s OS and updates will be done in that time-to-time according to needs and requirements. But still, there are so many people not believing this thing. But this confusion has been resolved by Microsoft itself as they are going to unearth another version of the windows. But experts are saying it would be basically a big update on windows 10. Microsoft came up with the last version of their latest operating system that happened in 2015 has a lot of updates. Though still, we all are waiting to have an official announcement from Microsoft side but still everything is under wraps. But till date, we have to wait. The best thing is that it is going to be quite great to have Window11 as it will make you get into a lot of great experience. Needless to say that Window11 will truly make you fall in love with it.

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In The Last One –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with this high in demand window. This is about to get released and we all waiting for an official announcement. But till then just wait since a good thing always takes time to happen.

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