Windows 11 New Updates, Installation License Privacy

Windows 11 New Updates

After the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has undertaken a free and automatic update from a Windows 10 or 7 installations. Although the operation is complete, users are still able to install Windows 11 from an ISO image and then apply the product license of Windows 10 or 8.1. This sheet offers download Windows 11 ISO images including the latest update of the year 2019: the October Update also called with its code name Redstone 5. To launch a direct update or create an upgrade key or DVD, we recommend using the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool (USB and DVD). Microsoft’s flagship operating system is getting a boost with Windows 11. Windows 11 is thus available for download in final version since 2019.

What’s new in Windows 11?

With this new version of the operating system, Microsoft introduces a new development cycle for Windows 11. The time between each update is reduced to provide users with more new features and optimizations.

Side functions and interface, Windows 11 is distinguished by:

– The interface simpler, intuitive and adapted to the touch

– The long-awaited return of the “Start” menu with a redesign

– A totally redesigned control panel

– The new Microsoft Edge web browser that replaces Internet Explorer

– Integration of virtual desktops

– A new display of running tasks

– The arrival of universal applications (suitable for all Windows environments: tablet, Smartphone and computer).

Finally, the unified search engine and Cortana, voice assistance, now take center stage in the operating system, providing the user with fast and spontaneous searches as needed.

windows 11 new features

Windows 11 is now available from a first batch of users. At a time when Microsoft has great ambitions for a product that must reconcile everyone, we decided to gather all you need to know about it, before a next analysis more technical.

An update via Windows Update, but under conditions

The update is done directly through Windows Update, applications and settings are backed up. This “idyllic” migration will, however, be subject to certain conditions. On the one hand, you must have a genuine license of Windows 7 or 10, the system must be activated. Those who have pirated versions will be offered the download, but there is a good chance that the “crack” will not work anymore. Microsoft has well addressed “preferential” rates for those who need to regularize, but no specific information has been given since.

On the other hand, and this is probably the most important, it is mandatory to have the latest revision of the system that we have. If you have Windows 7, Service Pack 1 will need to be installed. If you have Windows 8, it is the 8.1 version with Update that you will need. Only these specific versions can be updated via Windows Update. Others will either have to go to Windows Update to install what is missing, or download ISO images, for an installation that only keeps documents.

updated window 11

Windows 11 connection

Lastly, Windows 11 has been preloaded on the machines for two days. The installations begin today, but not all at once: Microsoft will open the floodgates in successive waves and the migration of the entire park will be spread over several days. Those who have participated in the Windows Insider test program, however, have priority and can therefore install the final version of the system now. Beyond July 29, 2019, Windows 11 can be obtained only with a new PC, or via a box bought on the market. Rates will be 135 Euros for the Family Edition and 280 for the Professional. OEM licenses, they are available from 124, 90 and 179, 90 Euros.

License, Terms of Use and Data Privacy

Install Windows 11 requests to accept the End User License Agreement and the Services Privacy Statement. From now on, like Google for that matter, all the services have the same conditions and Microsoft had gathered within the same (but very long) page all the explanations.

The key thing to know is that the more data you synchronize, the more data you will be able to roam on servers physically located within the borders of the United States. This, under US law (especially FISA), allows the NSA – and more generally US intelligence – to tap into such much needed data, for example in a survey. Same thing for Bit Locker since the encryption key is stored seamlessly in One Drive.

Windows 11 also generates many anonymous statistics for Microsoft’s scanning needs, some of which may be disabled, some not. Some identifying information will also be brewed by Microsoft, including everything related to Cortana, the voice assistant, whose mission is to provide a fairly proactive data based on what you do.

Some of the users could well be disturbed by these conditions, as we indicated a month ago. They can refuse them and not install Windows 11, but many will not read this text anyway, where others will skip it because they will not want to deprive themselves of news. In any case, the Microsoft account is not required to use Windows 11 and much of the information can be bypassed by disabling their sending.

This is particularly the case with Windows 7 since the Media Center is simply removed from the system, with no hope of reactivating the feature. There was a way with Windows 8, but you could already feel that Microsoft was preparing for retirement: the interface had not moved an iota. So be careful if you often use the Windows Media Center, because a move to the new system will mean finding an alternative, which is never easy and will require a preparatory work.

Also since Windows 7, desktop gadgets disappear, as well as games Solitaire, Minesweeper and Queen of Spades. This is not really a surprise since these features were also removed with Windows 8. For Gadgets, there is no solution by Microsoft (it will therefore turn again to a third-party solution), but Solitaire Collection and Minesweeper have specific editions for Windows 8, Solitaire Collection even getting a serious paint job with Windows 11 , and are available in the Store.

Windows 11 installation

The installation itself will take place in two phases. The first is very similar to what was displayed with Windows 8, which the installer actually takes almost all features. After this step, the computer restarts and displays a new screen: a circle will indicate the degree of completion of the process, while three items at the bottom of the screen will specify what the machine does: copy files, installation of features and drivers, then configure settings. As for the result obtained after installation, it will largely depend on the options chosen in the wizard at the beginning. In case of a complete update, Windows 11 keeps most settings. The wallpaper will still be there, the Microsoft account also configured, as well as applications, shortcuts (desktop and taskbar) and other customizations made. These include the thumbnails of the Windows 8 start screen, now joined in the new Windows 11 Start menu.

The famous return of the Start menu

The new Start menu is clearly one of the most visible novelties. Microsoft had decided to remove it in Windows 8, replacing it with a boot screen that was roughly the extension across the screen. The problem is that the ergonomics was very different and it was especially necessary to wait for the 8.1 update to get valuable controls on the mouse, including the one to easily resize one or more thumbnails.

This startup screen does not disappear in Windows 11, but it is simply reserved by default for large tablets (above 8 inches). If the system detects a keyboard and a mouse, it displays the new Start menu, which is a mix between the old in Windows 7 and the start screen. On the left side is a list of the most frequently used programs, possibly just below those that have just been installed. At the bottom is a button that allows access to all applications, topped with a customizable area where the user can add shortcuts to Settings, Documents and so on.

On the right, there is a zone reserved for tiles, including all the settings that could be accessed under Windows 8. The thumbnails are resizable in three sizes, we can rearrange to form new groups, they can always be renamed, thumbnails remain dynamic, etc. Importantly, the size of the Start menu is not fixed and just grabs the top right corner to expand the available area.

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